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Town hall update- 1/29/13

I started this year with a 571-mile, five-day swing with eight town hall meetings in eight counties in the Gorge and northeastern Oregon. Then after the inaugural week in Washington, D.C. I’m back on a nine-days-in-a-row trip through other parts of our district.  I enjoy working with our local communities to find solutions to local problems, and these town hall meetings help me keep my “to do” list fresh.

As you can imagine, I heard about practically everything under the sun in these eight counties, from reducing our debt and growing our economy to boosting our farm and ranch economies to improving management of our federal forests to taking care of those who wear—or have worn—our nation’s uniform.

The week began with a town hall meeting in The Dalles. Before the meeting, Columbia Gorge Community College President Dr. Frank Toda gave me a tour of the site for the new Readiness Center where construction is well under way. I can’t think of a project I worked harder on for many years, and we finally secured approval for construction in December 2011.

When completed, the Readiness Center will be a great training center for members of the Oregon Guard—we owe the very best training and equipment possible to the men and women who volunteer to serve the nation in uniform (more on my work on that a little further down).
From The Dalles, we drove on some very snowy roads for town hall meetings in Moro, Condon, Fossil, Mt. Vernon, Hermiston, Boardman and, finally, my hometown of Hood River. Click here to check out my Facebook page for pictures of some of these meetings.

This week, I’m holding eight town hall meetings in central, eastern, and southern Oregon. I’ll cover more than 1,500 miles, hold a total of 35 meetings in 10 counties.  We began with three town halls in Deschutes, Crook, and Jefferson counties before heading up to Union and Wallowa counties then down to southern Oregon for town hall meetings in Josephine, Jackson, Klamath counties. Click here for details on the eight town hall meetings.I hope you can join us!

I’m working on setting up others in Lake, Baker, Malheur, and Harney counties… and will have visited at least eighteen of the twenty counties in the Second District by the end of February.

When the House reconvenes in a week, my subcommittee on Commerce and Technology will hold a hearing in conjunction with two subcommittees from the Foreign Affairs Committee on legislation we’re drafting to make American policy clear that we don’t want foreign governments via the United Nations regulating the Internet.  The UN hosted a conference at the end of last year that considered a treaty—rejected by the United States and 55 other nations—but agreed to by 89 countries that would have changed how the Internet is managed. 

This is a dangerous move—led by countries like Russia—to allow oppressive regimes to have power over the privacy, content and management of one of the world’s greatest sources of free speech, democracy and information.  You can watch our hearing on February 5th by visiting http://energycommerce.house.gov.