Growing the Economy

All too often, small business owners find government red tape standing in the way of growing their business, creating jobs, and providing affordable services in our communities. That’s why I’ve helped lead efforts to reduce harmful regulations that are unnecessary and cost us jobs.

With my support, Congress passed 15 pieces of legislation to rollback costly and burdensome rules and regulations, saving the American economy an estimated $36 billion.

After hearing from Oregonians across our district about their concerns with this Washington-mandated Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, I was proud to support its repeal. This harmful rule gave the federal government jurisdiction over everything from stock ponds and irrigation canals to puddles in your driveway, and is the kind of government overreach I’ve worked hard to correct.

I’m also continuing my work to enhance hydropower in Oregon. Under my leadership, the House passed legislation to boost hydropower production in our state by finally clarifying that hydropower is renewable energy under federal law. Hydropower accounts for 43% of the electricity generated in our state, and this bill will ensure we have greater access to this clean energy source.

I will continue to support efforts to reduce burdensome regulations and spur economic growth in our state. To learn more about my efforts to grow the economy, please click here.

Providing Tax Relief for Oregonians

As a small business owner in Oregon with my wife for more than two decades, I understand what it takes to sign the front side of a paycheck and risk everything to grow your business and create jobs. That’s why I support efforts in Congress to help middle class families keep more of what they earn and help our Main Street job creators thrive.

I supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has been signed into law and represents the most major reforms to our tax system in over 30 years. If you’re a family of four making the median income in our district, you’ll save more than $1,900 a year in lower taxes under our plan. And because of tax reform, over 4 million American workers at companies in Oregon and throughout the country have received bonuses, pay raises, or increased benefits.

I will continue to support commonsense efforts to provide tax relief for middle class families, help small businesses grow, and spur job creation in our state.

Reforming Federal Forest Policy

Each summer, our forested communities face catastrophic fires that burn through overstocked forests, choke our skies with smoke, destroy watersheds, and threaten property and lives. It is clear the status quo isn’t working for our forests or our communities, and that’s why I continue to support reforms.

I worked hard with my colleagues to pass into law the most significant reforms to forest policy in over 15 years. We provide additional tools to more rapidly thin our forests to reduce the risk of wildfire. Rather than forcing the Forest Service to rob from fire prevention funds for firefighting, we instead pay for wildfires as we do other natural disasters. This will help ensure we get more of the needed thinning and prevention work done.  

These reforms are an important step towards better management of our forests, but much more work remains. To learn more about my continued efforts to reform federal forest policy, please click here.

Supporting our Military and Veterans

We owe it to the men and women who have worn our country’s uniform – and those who wear it today – to give them the support they need. That’s why I work hard to help cut through red tape at agencies like the VA, and we’ve already helped over 6,000 veterans and their families get answers and results.

I supported landmark reforms to the VA to make sure VA employees are held accountable for their actions, and can be removed or demoted for negligence, misconduct, or poor performance. The House also unanimously passed my plan to make sure veterans can receive more timely access to care at the VA.

To boost military readiness, I supported giving additional resources to our troops so they have the tools they need to carry out their missions safely and effectively. I also voted to give our men and women in uniform the largest pay raise they’ve seen in eight years – they deserve nothing less for all they do to defend our freedoms.

To learn more about my efforts to support our military and veterans, please click here.

Speaking up for Our Rural Communities

Our rural communities face high levels of poverty, unemployment, and lack of basic services, and too often burdensome red tape stands in the way of growing good jobs in our part of the state. That’s why I’ve strongly supported efforts to support our forested communities and push back against overregulation from the federal government.

I worked hard to secure two years of full Secure Rural Schools funding to help provide resources for essential local services like schools, roads, and law enforcement in Oregon that have suffered from a lack of timber receipts.  I’ve heard from local officials across Oregon about the importance of this program for their communities, and will continue to work to boost timber sales to provide for these services in the long term.

I’ve also supported historic rollbacks of burdensome rules and regulations like the Waters of the United States (WOTUS), which gave the federal government unnecessary overreach into our everyday lives. To learn more about my work to speak up for our rural communities, please click here.

Improving Rural Health Care

Working to improve health care in Oregon’s rural communities has long been a priority of mine. Before I ran for Congress, I was a member of the Hood River Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees and the Oregon Health Sciences University Foundation Board. As Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee now, I’ve listened to what constituents, doctors, stakeholders, hospitals, care providers, and disease and treatment advocates alike have to say about the most pressing health care issues facing our country.

My top priority at the Energy and Commerce Committee is combating the opioid epidemic in Oregon and throughout America. Under my leadership, the Energy and Commerce Committee has put forth concrete proposals to get dangerous synthetic opioids like fentanyl off our streets, improve prescription drug monitoring programs, and make sure federal resources get to those on the ground in this fight.

I’ve also worked hard to support important public health priorities for our state and country. I introduced legislation to provide the longest and most generous extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program in history, as well as a plan to provide two years of full funding and certainty for community health centers. Both pieces of legislation have been signed into law, ensuring these programs will be able to continue serving Oregonians.

To learn more about my work to improve rural health care, please click here.

If you or a loved one needs help with a federal agency like the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs, or the Internal Revenue Service, please call my office toll free from Oregon at 800-533-3303.  We will do everything we can to get results for you. 

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