Standing Up Against Federal Government Overreach

While Congress has the power of the purse, at the end of the day, it’s the taxpayers’ money—your money. You deserve to know exactly how it’s being spent.

What’s more, major decisions should not be made by unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. From the VA to the EPA and to the IRS, I’ve worked hard to increase transparency and accountability in the executive branch and bring some much needed accountability to the rule writers.

Here’s how I’m working to increase accountability and transparency in our government:

Curbing the power of the executive branch
Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not be running the show. I proudly supported the REINS Act, which would require any major new rule put forth by a federal agency be approved by the people’s representatives in Congress before it could take effect.

Ensuring transparency
Legislation that could potentially be passed by Congress and turned into law must be open and accessible to the American people. That’s why I worked hard establish the requirement that legislation be available online for at least three days before a vote so that the American people, as well as members of Congress, have ample time to read and understand it.

Standing up for constitutional authority and a balanced budget
Our executive branch should not be spending money it isn’t authorized to spend, or circumvent Congress to write laws without a vote. I will continue to stand up for the balance of powers the Constitution’s framers intended, where the power to write laws remains within the legislative branch.

And I’ve not given up the fight for a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced federal budget. In recent years, Congress has enacted the most significant spending reductions in modern history.  That work must continue until the federal budget is balanced—permanently. Regardless of what party is in control in Washington, D.C., taxpayers need this safeguard.


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