Congressman Greg Walden

Representing the 2nd District of Oregon

Supporting our Military and Veterans

America's military and veterans: Providing the support they deserve

Expanding GI Bill benefits for today’s veterans. Greg helped equalize GI Bill benefits for today’s veterans with what veterans received after World War II. Those who have served on active duty since Sept. 11, 2001 qualify for this program, including Guard and Reserve members who have served on active duty. For more information, visit

Preserving vital VA centers. Greg led the movement to oppose the closure of the VA’s Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics in White City and to prevent the closure of the Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center in Walla Walla, WA, which provides care to thousands of Oregon veterans.

Improving access to health care for rural veterans. Working with Sen. Ron Wyden, Greg has helped lead on legisla­tion to ensure veterans are never denied care at 25 rural Critical Access Hospitals that are subject to daily patient limits imposed by the federal government.

Better health care services for women veterans. Greg helped pass the Women Veterans Health Care Improvement Act to better VA health care services for women veterans, including PTSD and newborn care. The bill helps ensure the services offered by the VA reflect the rising percentage of women veterans by prioritizing their unique health care needs.

Advanced funding of VA medical accounts. Greg strongly supported a new law funding VA medical accounts one year in advance to allow the VA to plan in advance how best to care for veterans that rely on their services.

For assistance with a federal agency such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, please do not hesitate to contact Greg Walden’s Medford office toll free from the (541) area code at (800) 533-3303.


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This morning I met with World War II and Korean War veterans from Oregon who traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials. Such a humbling experience to get the chance to thank these heroes for their service. Thanks to Gail Yakopatz and the Oregon Honor Flight for making this special trip possible.