October 5, 2020 Op-Eds


How much more has to burn before Congress fixes forest management?​

By: Rep. Greg Walden

June 19, 2020 Op-Eds



Supreme Court must prevent uncompensated theft of Western water

March 30, 2020 Op-Eds

 CARES Act delivers on our health care needs in a big way

By: Greg Walden 

February 12, 2020 Op-Eds

Looking Beyond the Opioid Epidemic 

By: Greg Walden 


November 21, 2019 Op-Eds

We must continue standing up for our nation's veterans

By Greg Walden


October 23, 2019 Op-Eds

Initial progress on opioids, but work remains 

By Greg Walden

June 25, 2018 Op-Eds

Guest column: Striking back against the opioid crisis


June 23, 2018

May 15, 2018 Op-Eds

A safe place for Hanford’s waste

May 11, 2018

By Greg Walden (R-Hood River)

February 28, 2018 Op-Eds

CONNECTION TO CONGRESS: Combating the opioid crisis

Rep. Greg Walden