Greg Walden Announces Marine Highway Project Designation for Port of Morrow

August 2, 2019
Press Release

Today, Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) announced that the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Maritime Administration (MARAD) designated the Port of Morrow for Marine Highway Designation. The designation is a part of America’s Marine Highway Program (AMHP) and will enable the Port of Morrow to apply for federal funding for its project to extend its barge service. This project will lead to reduced transportation costs and decreased road and rail traffic. It will also enable an increase in the freight shipments along Marine Highway 84, which runs along the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

“I am thrilled to hear that the Port of Morrow has received a Marine Highway Project Designation and can now compete for federal funding to expand barge and other services on the river,” said Walden. “The Columbia River system is a valuable asset for transporting wheat and other products from eastern Oregon to the world. I applaud the Port’s efforts to maximize this resource and I am glad to have worked so closely with them to pursue Marine Highway status. This designation, and the additional funding opportunities, will improve the Port’s capabilities while simultaneously increasing economic opportunity for the region. It will decrease traffic, reduce transportation costs, and bring additional jobs and growth to the area.”

You can learn more about the designation here.