Congressman Greg Walden

Representing the 2nd District of Oregon

Greg Walden applauds renomination of Ryan Bounds to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

January 11, 2018
Press Release

Greg Walden applauds renomination of Ryan Bounds to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Says Bounds is “uniquely qualified for this judgeship”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) applauded the renomination of Ryan Bounds to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

 “The President’s nomination of Ryan Bounds to serve on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is welcome news for rural Oregon. Born and raised in Hermiston, Ryan has never lost touch with his roots and understands well the way of life in our communities,” said Walden. “He knows firsthand the dominant role federal decisions can make in our region where a majority of land is managed by the federal government. Ryan is also a highly talented and accomplished legal practitioner, with a breadth of experience before both trial and appellate courts.”

 Ryan Bounds serves as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, where he prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the United States. Previously, he was a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.

“Rural Oregon deserves both a chance for a more balanced judicial approach and a talented legal practitioner who understands the impact these decisions have on our way of life,” said Walden. “Ryan’s deep roots in rural Oregon, respect for tradition, precedent, and deference to the political branches of the state and federal governments will provide rural Oregon with that important voice on the bench. He is uniquely qualified for this judgeship. His commitment to the rule of law, liberty and self-government are, in my mind, beyond question. I strongly support his nomination and look forward to the Senate moving promptly to confirm him for this seat on the Ninth Circuit.”

 On January 5, President Trump renominated Ryan Bounds to serve as a Circuit Court Judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

 Mr. Bounds’ nomination has the support of local lawmakers, community leaders, and well respected legal practitioners in Oregon, including:

The City Council of Hermiston, Oregon

The City Council of Pendleton, Oregon

Oregon State Senator Bill Hansell

Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp

Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson

Oregon State Senator Fred Girod

Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum

Oregon State Senator Kim Thatcher

Oregon State Senator Jackie Winters

Oregon State Senator Arnie Roblan

Oregon State Senator Ted Ferriolli

Oregon State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr.

Oregon State Senator Alan DeBoer

Oregon State Senator Jeff Kruse

Oregon State Senator Alan Olsen

Oregon State Senator Chuck Thomsen

Oregon State senator Lee Beyer

Oregon Wheat Growers League

Amy Baggio, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Lawrence Matasar, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Robert Hamilton, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Francesca Freccero, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Michelle Sweet, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Fidel Cassino-DuCloux, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Celia Howes, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Per Olson, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

John Ransom, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Per Ramfjord, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Mark Ahlemeyer, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Thomas E. Price, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Mark C. Cogan, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Thomas J. Hester, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Warren & Sugarman – Attorneys at Law

Andrew Bates, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Jeffrey A. Turnoy, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Kristen Tranetzki, Esq. (Oregon criminal defense bar)

Kristian Roggendorf, Esq.

Darian Stanford, Esq.

Robert D. Van Brocklin, Esq.

Neil Bryant, Esq.

Jim Westwood, Esq.

Janet Schroer, Esq.

Bill Barton, Esq.

Henry Hewitt, Esq.

Michael Wise, Esq.

Jack Roberts, Esq.

Bethany Bacci, Esq.

Dan Occhipinti, Esq.

Tony Dal Ponte, Esq.

Elizabeth Bingold, Esq.

David Angeli, Esq.

Tom Rask, Esq.

Andre Wang, Esq.

Timothy J. Bernasek, Esq.

Doug Pahl, Esq.

Scott Rickard, Esq.

Mary Anne Cooper, Esq.

Brendan O’Scannlain, Esq.

Tom Johnson, Esq.

Dave Filippi, Esq.

Janet Schroer, Esq.

Sara Cotton, Esq.

Jeff Bradford, Esq.

Kirk Maag, Esq.

Duane Bosworth, Esq.

Doug Goe, Esq.

Tim Snider, Esq.

Gene Frasetto, Esq.

Heath Curtiss, Esq.

Ivan Gutierrez, Esq.

Richard Vangelisti, Esq.

Phil Nelson, Esq.

Chad Stavley, Esq.

Shangar Meman, Esq.

Shawn Filippi, Esq.

Brent Barton, Esq.

Emilee S. Preble, Esq. – Member of the Board of Directors of the Multnomah Bar Association

Beverly Pearman, Esq.

Stephen Peifer, Esq.

John Haub Law, LLC

For full letters of support for Mr. Bounds’ nomination to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, please click here. To read an editorial from the Pendleton East Oregonian in support of Bounds’ nomination, please click here.