Congressman Greg Walden

Representing the 2nd District of Oregon

Greg Walden reacts to Pope Francis' historic address to the U.S. Congress

September 24, 2015
Press Release

Greg Walden reacts to Pope Francis’ historic address to the U.S. Congress

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WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Calling the Pope’s remarks “challenging and uplifting,” U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) offered a video reaction to the historic event. Walden spoke from the Speaker’s Balcony at the Capitol, where earlier in the day Pope Francis greeted the crowd—including ticket holders from Oregon—after his address.

“It was a real honor to be on the escort committee for the Pope's visit to the U.S. House to speak to a joint session of Congress. I'm here on the balcony where he came out after the speech and gave a blessing to the audience,” Walden said. “I thought his remarks were challenging and uplifting. Clearly he's a man of the people who speaks his mind. I think he calls on all of us to be better citizens and better human beings, and really look after those who are less fortunate. It was just an historic day in Washington, and I think for all of America.”