Greg Walden Statement on FCC’s ‘Keep Americans Connected’ Pledge

March 16, 2020
Press Release

Today, Representative Walden released a statement applauding the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) pledge to ensure that rural America has access to broadband during the coronavirus outbreak:

“In times of need, it’s important we take an all hands on deck approach to protect the public health and safety of communities across the nation. With the continued spread of the coronavirus, we are seeing more people begin to work, learn, and receive health care at home. It is important that people who live in rural areas, like many Oregonians in my district, do not lose their access to broadband -- especially at this time.

“The FCC’s recent launch of the ‘Keep Americans Connected’ pledge to incentivize providers to waive late fees for low-income families and small businesses and expand access to Wi-Fi hotspots is welcome news for rural America. I applaud the FCC’s commitment to ensuring rural Oregonians are connected in this time of crisis. I also am grateful to all the private companies who are taking steps to further improve rural broadband access at this time." 

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