Greg Walden Statement on Trump Signing Coronavirus Emergency Funding Package

March 6, 2020
Press Release

Today, Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) released the following statement after President Trump signed into law the $8.3 billion Emergency Supplemental Funding Package for the coronavirus.

"This funding is good news for our nation as we work to combat the coronavirus. I applaud the President for swiftly signing this funding package into law, showing that our nation can come together for the good of the country. Our local health authorities and public safety officials are on the front lines of this disease, and they must receive the support and tools necessary to do their job. This package also includes a bipartisan provision I authored for Medicare beneficiaries that would consider the home as the originating site for purposes of telehealth during this public health emergency. This would allow more patients to get the care they need at home to avoid potentially overcrowded health care facilities, especially in rural areas. I want all officials, Oregonians, and Americans to know that we are in this together," said Walden.

In addition to this funding package, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently announced they would award the state of Oregon $500,000 to help with response efforts.

Today, Walden will meet with local officials in Umatilla County where one person has been diagnosed with coronavirus. 

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