Congressman Greg Walden

Representing the 2nd District of Oregon

Walden Introduces Bill to Protect Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions

February 16, 2017
Press Release

Walden Introduces Bill to Protect Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River), the Chairman of the House Energy& Commerce Committee, today introduced H.R. __, the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act of 2017.

“At town hall meetings around Oregon, I’ve heard a clear message: we need to guarantee our health care system works better for all Oregonians. I am committed to protecting patients living with pre-existing conditions, period,” said Walden. “I am committed to patient-centered reforms that increase access to quality, affordable care and guarantee that all Oregonians are protected from unfair, higher premium costs simply due to how healthy or sick they may be.”

The Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act aims to reaffirm guaranteed health care access, ensure that enrollees cannot have benefits excluded from a plan due to a pre-existing condition, and that patients will not pay more based on their health care status.

"This is another step toward keeping our commitment to fix the problems with our health care system and protect vulnerable patients from being treated unfairly. As we continue to repeal and replace Obamacare, we will always put what's best for patients first,” Walden added.

This bill is a continuation of the step-by-step process to rebuild our health care system. The Energy and Commerce Committee will continue to advance solutions to protect patients, stabilize health care markets, and promote continuous coverage incentives to help Americans get – and keep – coverage.

Click HERE to read a copy of the bill.