Walden Statement on President Trump Signing Bill to Stop Illegal Robocalls

January 2, 2020
Press Release

Today, Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) released the following statement after President Trump signed his anti-robocalls bill, the TRACED Act, into law on December 30, 2019:

“Last year in the 541 area code, roughly 162.9 million illegal robocalls were placed. This week, President Trump signed into law legislation I helped author to put a stop to these illegal and annoying robocalls. This new bipartisan law gives phone companies and the government new tools to help combat illegal robocalls. It puts consumers first, enabling menacing robocalls to be blocked at no extra cost to the consumer. It also gives the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and law enforcement the authority to quickly go after scammers. I applaud President Trump for protecting Oregonians and Americans nationwide from these scammers and signing this commonsense bill into law. I am well aware that bad actors will try and evade these new provisions, so Congress will need to remain vigilant to protect the American people from illegal robocalls,” said Walden. 

Last year alone, 58.5 billion illegal robocalls were placed nationwide, marking an average of 178.3 calls per person. Last month, there were about 4.6 billion illegal robocalls placed nationwide and an estimated 12.5 million in the 541 area code alone. The TRACED Act will help provide the FCC and law enforcement with the tools necessary to stop illegal robocalls. The legislation resulted from the bipartisan negotiations following the House passage of Walden’s Stopping Bad Robocalls Act.

In 2018, Walden helped champion the RAY BAUM’s Act into law. The law, named after a La Grande native, reauthorized the FCC for the first time in over two decades and provided the FCC with the necessary tools to better help consumers and law enforcement to stay ahead of scammers. The TRACED Act builds on that success by further enabling consumers, carriers, law enforcement, and the FCC to target scammers.

“At almost every one of the 40 town halls I held in 2019 someone raised their concerns about illegal robocalls,” said Walden. “I am glad that Congress and the President were able to close out the year by delivering a win to the American people and protecting them from menacing robocalls.”